The Income of Kakatiya Urban Development authority Warangal mainly comprises of Development Charges, Disposal of lands, building, rents, interest on investments, contractors’ registration fee etc. No grants are receiving from the State Government.

Budget for the year 2013 – 14 Rs.5300.00 lakhs

Budget for the year 2014 – 15 Rs.5410.00 lakhs

Budget for the year 2015 - 16 Rs.8702.81 lakhs

Budget for the year 2016 - 17 Rs.13419.00 lakhs

Budget for the year 2017 - 18 Rs.14740.00 lakhs


Govt. allotted land in Sy.No.1143 and 1144 of Hanamkonda vide G.O.Ms.No.377 dated 9-5-1996 in which this authority constructed office building.

Land in Sy. No. 740, 741, 751 and 752 of Hanamkonda vide Lr.No.G2/2989/95 dt. 16-5-1995 from Commr., WMC allotted Ac. 9-18 gts in which this authority development Kakatiya Musical Garden.

Land in Sy.No.184 of Waddepally to an extent of Ac. 1-12 gts. Vide G.O.Ms.No. 65 Rev. dt. 10-01-2005 in which authority commenced construction of Apartments.

Sy.No.1066 of Hanamkonda Ac. 6.0 gts Handed over to this authority vide G.O.Ms.No.161 MA dt. 10-4-2006 in which this authority proposed to construction Integrated Office Complex, Shopping Mall, Multiplex and Health Spa.

Land in Sy.No. 1085 and 1086 Municipal Corporation, Warangal alienated to KUDA vide G.O.Rt.No.684 MA dt. 15-7-1996 to an extent of Ac. 1-05 gts. On 29-06-1995.

Land in Sy.No.23 of Shyamp et (v) handed over by MRO, Hanamkonda and alienation proposals were forwarded to the District Collector, Warangal.

Land in Sy.No.35/B, 36 (Old) corresponding New Sy.No.570 of Waddepally being used as Quest Park to an exten of 483 sq.yards transferred by Sri N. Madhusudhan Reddy and Sri K. Surender Reddy through deed of exchange infavour of KUDA as mentioned in Schedule B of Registered docu.No.644/2008 and rectification deed No.1715/08 dt. 11-3-2008

Land acquired for Multipurpose and Dasara Utsav in Sy.No.351, 352, 353 to an extent of 5-28 gts. Award was passed vide RDO Progs.No.A/2197/2007 dtd. 8-9-2009

Land in Sy.No.939 Poramboke land to an extent of Ac.9-12 gts of Hanamkonda under cover of Panchanama.

Resumption of Govt. assigned land in Sy.No.304 Madipally to an extent of 99-01 gts. For Sites and Services Programme. Land in Sy.No.541 to an extent of 60-00 gts. Of Ananthasagar.

Acquired Land belongs to National Textile Corporation Ltd., Banglore (Erstwhile A J Mills ) under Sites and Services programme to an extent of Ac.117.0 gts and sold 70% of the land in an open public auction preparing the layout as “O” City.

Transfer of Govt. land to an extent of Ac.2-25 gts. Situated at Kazipet Jagir (v) Hanamkonda Mandal to take up the Major Infrastructural Scheme as envisaged in Master Plan. MRO handed over land vide Rc.No.B/A/1153/2006 dt. -04-2011