7 Best Android Widgets to Customize Your Smartphone

When it comes to richness in features, Android is at the top. One of the great features that have been originally part of the platform since 2009 is ‘widgets’ and it has remained an integral part of Android till now. Android devices are a matter of pride for their owners, and this is because of the ability to add widgets to the homescreen. But what exactly are these widgets?

What is Widget?

A Widget is a mini version of an app that runs on the home screen and provides quick access to information you may be interested in or need. There are many widgets available, and they can be customized and while some are also interactive. They can also be cool effect additions to the appearance of your home screen, so it’s always worth trying them out. Widgets come in all formats on all different topics, whether you want the latest weather, music player controls, an alarm clock, access to notes or more. While some widgets are free, some such apps have to be paid for. Still, there are a lot of freebies out there that offer a great experience and a variety of features.

Android Widgets

How To Add Widget

It’s easy to add a downloaded widget to your home screen:

Simply press and hold an empty space on your Home screen until a menu appears at the bottom of the screen.
Tap on the Widgets tab and scroll through the available options. (You can also access them by pressing the App Drawer button – usually a white circle with six black dots – and selecting the Widgets tab.)
Touch and hold the widget you want to add.
Drag and drop it on an empty spot on your home screen.

Best Free Android widgets

Widgets can save you time, increase your productivity, and just come in handy. Widgets have been around for a long time. This used to be one of the features that made Android better than iOS. These days, our reliance on widgets has reduced, due to many reasons such as better designed apps, quick settings, app shortcuts, more powerful notifications and always-on display.

However, there are some things, such as note taking, weather, calendar, to-do lists, etc., that will always work better in a widget format. Here are the best Android widgets!

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1. Best Weather Widget: 1Weather

Weather Widget is probably the most common widget used by most of the Android users. Despite the stock widget being very satisfying, people prefer custom widgets as they can theme them according to their taste.

1Weather is the perfect example of an amazing weather widget, not just because it looks amazing. It comes with features that make it good; There is substantial customization available and you can view the daily, weekly and monthly weather forecast.

The app itself is free, however, if you want the ad-free experience with all the features unlocked, you should definitely buy it as it is well worth the money.

It’s one of the most popular weather widgets on Google Play for good reason. After choosing one of the many widget options and setting your location, you can see the current conditions and temperature at a glance. In this widget you can see a fun weather fact and then in-depth details like a weekly forecast, local radar, and UV index.


2. Best Battery Widget: Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn is one of the best Android widgets for battery meter. It offers a single, circular battery gauge widget. You can change the color and size to match your theme and home screen layout.

This widget is available in two versions. There is a circle configuration that you can set to display battery remaining, time remaining, time when completed or temperature. The Chart option shows the estimated time and the percentage of battery left. You can customize the click action, colors and size.

The app comes with battery info, shortcuts to things like WiFi and Bluetooth settings, and it even gives you a chart to show you more detailed battery activity.


3. Best volume and brightness widget: Slider Widget – Volumes

If you’ve ever tried to adjust the volume of an app you were using and inadvertently turned off the ringer, you’ll appreciate this widget. With four different configuration options, you can quickly access as many or as many volume settings as you want, from media as ringtones to alarms and more.

Get a slider bar for your homescreen for media, alarm and call volume, plus brightness and vibrate modes. You can have individual sliders for all of these, or just one, two, four or six! The widget can be as compact or as wide as you want, and it will add a modern look to your homescreen.


4. Best Calendar Widget: Business Calendar

Don’t be deceived by its name. This calendar is also suitable for students, retirees and freelancers as it is for those who work in an office.

The main selling point of the application is its alternative way to use and display it. Instead of the typical dropdown menu that gives access to the day, week, and month, the app uses an intuitive swipe-and-tap approach to navigation.

Other features that make Business Calendar a worthy contender include:

A Tasty view for managing to-do lists.
Live Search.
Custom event template.
A new and improved user interface including a dark theme.
It also uses Android Calendar Sync, which allows it to synchronize with other popular calendar services like Google Calendar and Exchange.


5. Best time widget: Seven Time – Resizable Clock

Get a stylish, slick clock widget for your homescreen with Seven Time. It’s fully resizable: just drag and drop to resize the shape and size that best suits your device. The default free design looks a bit like the Samsung design meets Star Trek, or you can upgrade to the paid version and choose from a huge library of different looks.


6. Best Note Taking Widgets: Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes is a simple and effective note-taking application. With it, you can create text notes, list notes, and even voice notes. It also gives you the option to share notes with others for collaboration. There are a bunch of additional little hidden features throughout the app. It’s also a simple set of Android widgets that give you the ability to make notes.

This app is completely free to use. You can also access notes on Google Drive using any web browser.


7. Automate Your Android Phone: IFTTT

If you are looking for an app that is powerful and will give you a lot of options, then IFTTT is the best app you should go for. In this app you can create fully automated tasks that you can use with your phone.

It even has a widget button, which will make your overall experience even better and smoother.

One of its many features is a button widget that, when pressed, activates a command. For example, you can use it to turn your Hue lights on or off, automatically text someone whose house you’re headed to, or whatever other condition you want.

It will take some time for you to learn it, but it is a fun way to automate a lot of tedious tasks. widget is very simple.

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